My Story

Once upon a time 6 years ago I gave my friend Randi a Scentsy warmer and bars for her birthday. She loved it and started selling it. In the meantime I supported her business, had tons of parties and helped with numerous vendor events because I truly love Scentsy products. They've made my life happier, sweeter and calmer and my entire family love them. Fast forward to August 2015 after a long and difficult relocation to Georgia when I decided it was time to jump on board the Scentsy train and see where it took me and my family! I wish I would have joined sooner!

Scentsy makes incredibly thoughtful and unique gifts for all occasions *babies, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, teacher appreciation, Valentine's, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, new job, retirement, secret pal, new school year,  weddings, graduations, going away parties, sports fans, get well, new pets, sweetest day, Halloween, or just because!* 

We have something for everyone - we are not just warmers and wax bars - buddies and buddy clips and sidekicks, laundry and cleaning items, personal care products, car bars and on the go scents,  room sprays, amazing diffusers and oils, seasonal one of a kind products and more!! 

My team has grown over the past 6 months which is so exciting. I've made tons of new friends, traveled to fun places, provided needed income for my family - all starting with a love of wickless candles!! Please let me share my passion for this amazing company called Scentsy - you won't be sorry!  My goal is to provide excellent customer service with our quality products and help you make your life sweeter and happier as well.  Give Scentsy a try today. Scentsy rocks!!